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Pregnancy: What is Normal & What is NOT When it Comes to Body Changes

During pregnancy, some things are a given – hello BELLY! – and other changes may come as a surprise. Specific anatomic and physiologic changes occur with every pregnancy, however the majority of aches and pains that may accompany these changes are NOT normal and can be addressed or prevented with a little more knowledge and a bit of guidance. The following outline highlights a small portion of the body’s transformation; but it is by no means exhaustive:  

Let’s start off here with the proverbial meat n’ potatoes of the physical changes in pregnancy: changes in the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM.  While all of the changes and happenings described below are part of the normal progression of the very natural process of pregnancy, they nonetheless are changes that can be smartly managed to minimize any adverse effect on mom and optimize her physical function during pregnancy AND postpartum!  You’ll see some tips sprinkled throughout, but the most important take home here is to be as mindful about taking care of and living in your body during pregnancy as you are about what is going on inside with the growth of your baby(-ies)!  Certainly this includes nutrition and sleep, but also includes using good body mechanics when you change positions and lift bags of groceries, and exercising in ways that will help you have the strength for caring for your new baby (and schlepping all their things!) and in ways that generally keep you as strong and functional as possible during the entire pregnancy.   

 Pregnant belly

What’s happening: